Youth Truth Camp 2008 (Exhibition Meeting)
Youth Conference 2010 (Dec 22-27, Bandung, Indonesia)

Who we are
We are a group of young people from 13 to 18 years of age who have been saved and called out of Satanís kingdom into Godís Kingdom and out of darkness into light to serve the true and living God.

Where we meet
Saturday: At Zone level (East, West, Central, North)
This is a time of singing, praying, testifying, and speaking the word of God.

Lordís Day: 1. Redhill, 10 am Ė 12 noon
2. East, 10 am Ė 12 noon
3. West, 10 am Ė 12 noon
4. North, 10 am Ė 12 noon
We gather for the bread-breaking meeting to remember our dear Lord and worship our Father. The 2nd half of the meeting is a time for us to overflow with the riches of Christ that we have enjoyed.

Weekly Pursuit:Journey through the Bible is the main material for our weekly pursuit. We supplement this by reading and studying Life-study messages and other ministry books.

Bible Reading:We encourage beginners to read one chapter of the Bible each day. Older youths are expected to read three chapters a day so that they can read the entire Bible in one year.

Annual Events:Every June and December, we have a 5-day truth camp. It is a truly blessed time where there is clear and strong speaking from the brothers. Our love for the Lord is renewed and we are led to consecrate ourselves to God for His purpose. Many also consecrate themselves for the full-time training. There are also gospel meetings in the March and September school breaks.

Pillar Training: This is especially for youths who are Secondary 4 and above, and is sometimes held at the same time as the Saturday youth meeting. It has proven to be invaluable for our understanding of Godís Word and our being grounded in it.

Contact us
Please contact the church office for contact details or more information on the above meeting/activities.


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